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2、在昆山時間有限—— 例如簽證的關系,只能在昆山呆一個月,又想要快速入門漢語?
3、短期漢語進階—— 如果你有HSK中級水平,敢不敢來挑戰3個月過HSK五級?
4、做個中國通—— 給攀達漢語半年時間,讓你成為下一個通曉中國的大山!
5、對中國功夫著迷—— 想領教、學習中國功夫的你不能錯過......
6、為同事找中文教師—— 20名教外國人學漢語的優質教師隨心選!
8、旅游團文化體驗—— 包括寫毛筆字、畫京劇臉譜、體驗中國剪紙【可帶回國】
9、學中文夏、冬令營 11月,中文冬令營火熱報名中!
10、可以直接報考HSK嗎? 比揚德漢語是國家漢辦指定的hsk考點,可實現學習、考試一體化!

1. Short time - if only one week, but do not want to miss the opportunity to learn Chinese in China?
2. Limited time in Kunshan, for example, visa relations, can only stay in Kunshan for one month, and want to quickly start Chinese?
3. Short-term Chinese Advancement - If you have HSK intermediate level, dare to challenge for 3 months to pass HSK Level 5?
4. Be a Chinese Link --- Give Panda Chinese half a year, and make you the next big mountain that knows China well! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
5. Be fascinated with Chinese Kungfu - you can't miss it if you want to learn Chinese Kungfu.
6. Find Chinese teachers for colleagues - 20 high-quality teachers who teach foreigners how to learn Chinese.
7. Find Chinese School for Foreign Friends - One-stop Packaged Chinese Course in Bryande!
8. Tourist group's cultural experience, including writing brush strokes, painting Peking Opera faces, and experiencing Chinese paper-cut [can be brought back to China]
9. Learn Chinese Summer Camp and Winter Camp in November. Chinese Winter Camp is in hot registration!
10. Can you apply for HSK directly? BYD Chinese is the designated HSK test site of the National Hanban Office, which can realize the integration of learning and examination.